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Who’s Madam G?

That’s a secret we can’t reveal.

But for now, here’s a little more than a peek. Our clients knew this project couldn’t be any old, been there, done that restaurant. It had to be proudly Indian yet perfectly global. And so, Madam G was born.

Somewhere between classic and contemporary, Madam G’s visual identity is rooted in giving that nostalgic feel-good feeling, a new look-good story. We crafted the identity, brand story, and packaging collaterals in tune with our suave protagonist, personifying a lingering sense of curiosity.

Artboard 25-100
Artboard 30-100
Artboard 43-100
We skipped on the gimmicks and stayed true to the basics with an unmistakably royal ink blue paired with an edge of copper detailing for a timeless appeal. This modern design route blended heritage recipes and artistic renditions, familiar flavours and new expeditions.
To strike a chord with one and all, Madam G’s enigmatic spirit had to really shine through. We heroed this with key elements of a handwritten-esque font, direct quotes she’d say, and a story of her culinary travels and learnings. A team favourite deliverable was city-centric sweet tins colour-coded to match their individual attractions and tastes. These were used as a focal point within the decor as an ode to our vast subcontinent. After all, the sweet little things in life happen to make the biggest impact.
Artboard 65-100
Artboard 66-100