Maya Pistola Phoenix Anejo Fire

Reigniting the flame

Of Maya Pistola.

In 2020, we worked with Maya Pistola Agavepura. We created an identity around Mayahuel, the Goddess of Tequila in Mexico. The legend of Maya Pistola was how we established 100% Agave spirit, made from Wild Agave Americana grown in India’s Deccan Plateau.

Maya Pistola Phoenix Anejo Label

On Christmas Eve of 2021, tragedy struck. The brand’s rickhouse caught fire, exposing all the ageing barrels to a blazing inferno. The micro-batch Añejo, aged for 20 months in Virgin American White Oak, is all that was salvaged. We were engulfed by the flames of an opportunity for a new avatar—the Phoenix Añejo. We devised a storyline and packaging for this limited-edition offering of only 1,800 bottles, which came out in January 2023. What started as an unfortunate accident took form of a project brief, like a mighty phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Maya Pistola Phoenix Anejo
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