Rascal Logo Animation

A side-kick for

every kinda story.

The brief was simple – make Rascal loveable. With a name as fun as this, we knew the branding had to be mascot-led to create a lasting, life-of-the-party-level impression. This RTD beverage was all about having a great time without any of the usual drinking side effects. Our team worked on the identity, visual guide, brand story, naming of product variants, packaging, and creative direction for photography based on our established tagline, #NoRegretsJustStories


We conducted rounds of primary research to further investigate what people associated with a name like this. Recurring words like rude, snobby, annoying, and even ‘my ex’ showed up. Our conclusion here was that minus a graphic representation, the possibility of a negative impression was very high. This challenge only pushed us forward to look into all the Rascal-like characters we’ve loved over the years. Dennis the menace, Garfield the lasagna-loving cat, Kevin McCallister, and Johnny Bravo – characters who have stolen hearts and gotten many, many laughs, no matter what day and age. This formed the foundation of our insight-led process.

Amongst the tigers, monkeys, and birds on a traditional alcohol shelf, we found a gap for something new. Rascal said it all with that smile; he didn’t need a full face to remind you to live in the moment. The brand identity took a playful, colourful, super approachable route to highlight the seriously different aspect of this product; it was easy to drink but even easier to feel.
We connected Rascal to be the beverage itself, personifying him to be your new sidekick for any of life’s unexpected (or expected) adventures. Someone you can always count on to uplift your spirits, that friend that never fails to make your day. Sly grins, tongues out – there was a dash of mischief in the air, with three thrilling flavours to explore.
Our target audience was new-gen drinkers — the kinds that loved a great time but not reckless nights. To appeal to them, our goal was to be Instagrammable but memorable, with pops of colour to match all the fizzy concoctions. We shook things up with a funky font, bright packaging, and a tonality one can’t help but smile at. With these factors in our toolkit, we came up with a design solution that walked the fine line between joyful and effective, something that was inviting to one and all.
Like a connection between cocktails and summer sodas, Rascal’s your guy for all things naughty and nice.