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Their ABC of culture, 

Our XYZ of design.

The Established came to us with a brief of creating a digital publication that invigorates thought-provoking conversations with community at its core. Why? Because existing, traditional magazines stayed relevant by influencing, not inspiring. They were ready to disrupt the industry by being today’s voice of tomorrow’s ideas. We heard them out and got to work with designing their brand identity, website, article leads, and social media guidelines.

One thing was clear from the get-go, the bottle would have to stand out on a shelf next to top-brand whiskies and tequilas. The product would have to showcase itself as a craft spirit that is not just meant for shots but should also be savoured & appreciated as a slow drink.

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How do you put together style, culture, community, and self? By making a bold move.
This was the exact thought process that we translated into a dynamic, editorial-like, visual language. Colours, typography, and layouts played a crucial role in their extended identity as creating a space to encompass all of today’s world is no simple task.
We knew that standing out didn’t mean being disconnected. Instead, it meant to create a contemporary look and feel for an urban, opinionated audience to resonate with.  In line with this, we built them a modern landscape championing authenticity.
As people who are big on community ourselves, we understand the importance of connecting with our audience and having them take part in all our conversations. So, we gave them a voice that visually stood out against all the noise. One that was direct, engaging, and always inclusive. From pre-launch, to launch, our team shaped the entire brand from the ground up.
And just like that, we established individuality with a visual-first, people-driven call to action.
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